Welcome !

Welcome to the Space Structures and Systems Laboratory (S3L) in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Liege.

Founded in 2007, S3L encompasses strong expertise in the design of aerospace systems. Our research paves the way for the next generation of aircraft and spacecraft structures through the development of new computational and experimental methods. Specifically, our activities center around five main themes:

  1. Aerospace structures design
  2. Nonlinear vibrations
  3. Smart structures
  4. Orbital mechanics & astrodynamics
  5. Nanosatellites

Over the years, S3L received two ERC grants and has collaborated with key industries and research centers including SAFRAN, ArianeGroup, Airbus Defence and Space, Siemens Industry Software, ONERA and ESA. In 2016, S3L created the NOLISYS startup company, which offers solutions and software for nonlinear vibrations.

Educational activities include undergraduate and graduate courses and hands-on involvement of students in real space missions. S3L developed the first Belgian nanosatellite, OUFTI-1, launched by the Soyuz rocket from Kourou on April 25, 2016.