Allée de la Découverte, 9 - B-4000 Liège, Belgium

major honors & awards

International Level

National Level

International Awards Earned by my Researchers

National Awards Earned by my Researchers

Doak Award, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2017.

SAGE Publishing Young Engineers Award, Los Angeles, 2017.

Recipient of an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, 2017-2018.

Recipient of an ERC Starting Grant, 2012-2017.

Member of the Executive Board of the Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM), 2015-2017.

Principal Investigator of the OUFTI-1 nanosatellite launched by the Soyuz rocket, Kourou, April 2016. See the video.

Annual Speaker of the Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Copenhagen, 2013.

Best paper, Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics (IMechE – Part K), 2008.

Young Scientist Award, European Nonlinear Oscillation Conference, Saint Petersburg, 2008.
Francqui chair, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2017.

Chevalier du Mérite Wallon, 2016, video.

Belgian American Education Foundation (BAEF) Alumni Quinquennial Award, 2010.

Fulbright award, 2003.
L. Dell'Elce, Outstanding Paper Award for Young Scientists, Advances in Space Research Journal, COSPAR, 2018.

T. Detroux, Best PhD Student Paper, ASME Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise, Boston, USA, 2015.

L. Renson, Young Scientist Award, European Nonlinear Oscillation Conference, Vienna, 2014.

J.P. Noel, Best PhD Student Paper, International Modal Analysis Conference, Garden Grove, USA, 2013.

L. Renson, Best PhD Student Paper, ASME Conference on Multibody Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control, Portland, USA, 2013.
T. Detroux, BNCTAM Best Thesis Award of the year 2016, best Belgian thesis in mechanics. See the video.

Editorial Activities

Editorial Board, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2008 - Present.

Associate Editor, International of Bifurcation and Chaos, From 2018.

Associate Editor, European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids, 2016-2017.