Allée de la Découverte, 9 - B-4000 Liège, Belgium

Research Interests

More than 7.5 MEUR of research funding secured as a principal investigator.
ERC Starting Grant NOVIB, executive summary, 2012-2017, 1.3 MEUR.
ERC Proof of Concept Grant, 2017-2018, 150kEUR.
Wal'innov project MAVERIC, smart dampers, 2017-2021, 1.8 MEUR.
European Space Agency (4 projects), 200 kEUR.
Belgian National Science Foundation (15 projects and fellowships), 2.3 MEUR.
Direct funding from industry, other funding agencies (Walloon Region) and internal funding at ULg: 1.8 MEUR.

Nonlinear vibrations

Nonlinear modal analysis, nonlinear system identification, bifurcation analysis, constructive utilization of nonlinearity (vibration mitigation and instability suppression), signal processing.

Aerospace Structures

Structural dynamics, finite element model validation, robust design decisions, structural and topology optimization.

Smart Structures

Piezoelectric shunting, intelligent structures.

Satellite orbits & astrodynamics

Uncertainty quantification, optimal control, orbital rendez-vous.

Nanosatellite Design