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Postdoctoral Researchers

On-going PhD Theses

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Completed PhD Theses

G. Deliège, Nonlinear dynamical instabilities in turbomachinery, 2017-present.

T. Detroux, Experimental bifurcation analysis, 2016-present.

J.P. Noel, Data-driven modeling of nonlinear mechanical metamaterials, 2014-present.
G. Abeloos, Experimental continuation of nonlinear systems, 2018-present.

T. Dossogne, System identification of nonlinear aerospace structures, 2014-present.

P. Moller, Nonlinear sytem identification, 2018-present.

G. Raze, Smart turbojet engines, 2017-present.

M. Volvert, Model reduction of nonlinear bladed assemblies, 2017-present.
L. Dell'Elce, Robust maneuver planning applied to asteroid deflection, 2015-2018.

L. Masset, Global analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems, 2012-2018.

B. Lossouarn, Nonlinear piezoelectric absorbers, 2017.

S. Dou, Nonlinearity tailoring using shape and topology optimization, 2016-2017.

J.S. Lee, Passive linearization of nonlinear resonances, 2016-2018.

H. Cho, Formation flying: analytical solutions for controller design, 2015-2017.

C. Grappasonni, Practical realization of a nonlinear tuned vibration absorber, 2013-2016.

V. Martinusi, Analytic techniques for satellite orbit propagation, 2013-2016.

G. Habib, Suppression of limit cycle oscillations using a nonlinear tuned vibration absorber, 2013-2016.

E. Gourc, Experimental modal analysis of nonlinear structures, 2014-2016.

L. Renson, Computation of bifurcations in physical experiments, 2014-2015.

P. Soltani, Nonlinear piezoelectric shunting, 2013-2015.

L. Masset, Innovative ray tracing methodologies for thermal radiation, 2009-2011. 

F. Georgiades, Friction-based smart mistuning of bladed disk assemblies, 2006-2008.
E. Verstraelen, Aeroelastic Limit Cycle Oscillations Mitigation using Linear and Nonlinear Tuned Mass Dampers, 2018.

T. Detroux, Performance and Robustness of Nonlinear Systems using Bifurcation Analysis, 2016.

L. Jacques,Space Thermal Analysis Through Reduced Finite Element Modelling, 2016.

I. Sakraker, Aerothermodynamics of Pre-flight and In-flight Testing Methodologies for Atmospheric Entry Probes, 2016.

L. Dell'Elce, Satellite Orbits in the Atmosphere: Uncertainty Quantification, Propagation and Optimal Control, 2015.

L. Renson, Nonlinear Modal Analysis of Conservative and Nonconservative Aerospace Structures, 2014.

J.P. Noel, A Frequency-Domain Approach to Subspace Identification of Nonlinear Systems, 2014.

M. Peeters, Theoretical and Experimental Modal Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrating Structures using Nonlinear Normal Modes, 2010.

R. Viguie, Tuning Methodology of Nonlinear Vibration Absorbers Coupled to Nonlinear Mechanical Systems, 2010.

F. Poncelet, Experimental Modal Analysis using Blind Source Separation Techniques, 2010.